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Viliv tablets at CES

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Viliv X10 Viliv X10
The viliv X7 and X10 allow users to experience true anywhere connectivity with options for 3G HSPA, EVDO, or WIMAX. The new X7 and X10 lineup also feature a best in class battery life, the highest of any current or soon to be released Android devices
, continuing to demonstrate viliv’s dedication to creating powerful mobile devices that are truly connected and allow for a full day of productivity.

With support for full HD playback, the viliv X Series Tablets brings consumers a realistic multimedia experience when watching movies, playing games or viewing pictures. Storage can be expanded via the integrated micro-SD card slot (supports SDHC up to 32GB) to provide even more space to store your media. The integrated HDMI-out port even allows you to share them all with friends and family when connected to an HDTV.

With a lightweight design to allow for ease of use, the X Series Tablets includes a number of supportive features such as 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, stand-alone GPS, a rear 3MP camera and front 1.3MP camera enable users to communicate with substantial quality. The front camera provides for easy video conferencing, while the rear 3MP camera catches images and produces video with clarity that can be shared and edited.

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  • Justhealth

    Methylone predisposed the decision synthetic cathinone that has gained popularity as the decision substitute for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) the result its same impacts among users. Here's an overview of its pharmacological effects, legal position, and probable dangers based on the provided search for outcomes:

    Pharmacological Effects

    Similarity to MDMA: Methylone shows congruent chemistry to MDMA and shares comparable mechanisms of act. It predisposed known fact for its psychostimulant properties besides entactogenic impacts, producing users feel closer in order being around.
    Clinical Trials: Controlled clinical trials need been conducted in order evaluate the acute pharmacological impacts of methylone in humans. These trials involved government of unmarried oral doses of methylone besides MDMA under controlled conditions.

    Justhealth Воскресенье, 25 Февраль 2024 18:27 Комментировать
  • Healthlific

    Dextroamphetamine predisposed solid drugs with significant healing applications besides considerations. It belongs in order to all class of drugs nice as stimulants and is utilized to address conditions this as interest deficit hyperactivity chaos (ADHD) besides narcolepsy. Here's a detailed watch at its uses, impacts, besides significant considerations:

    Uses besides Mechanism of Action

    Therapeutic Uses: Dextroamphetamine is prescribed in order to enhance the ability in order to pay concern, maintain фокус, and manage behavioral issues. It predisposed else employed in the treatment of narcolepsy in order promote wakefulness in the days the day and night.
    Mechanism of Action: The medication works by altering the levels of certain real substances in the brain. As a stimulant, it can aid in improving interest, organizational skills, besides listening abilities.

    Special Precautions and Considerations

    Medication Guide: It predisposed essential in order to meticulously read the Medication Guide and, if available, the Patient Information Leaflet provided by the pharmacist before provoking dextroamphetamine treatment. Any questions should are focused in order to the doctor or pharmacist.
    Withdrawal Symptoms: Abruptly discontinuing application of of dextroamphetamine may lead in order withdrawal symptoms the sort of as severe tiredness, sleep experiences, besides mood changes. To mitigate provided critical, the doctor may recommend a gradual reduction in dosage.

    Other Medications besides Interactions

    Avoidance of Certain Substances: Patients prymenav dextroamphetamine happen recommended to avoid consuming fruit juices or taking vitamin C, as these can reduce the body's absorption of the medication.
    Interactions with Other Medications: It predisposed key to inform the doctor about all current medications, as certain drugs have a chance response the effectiveness besides side impacts of dextroamphetamine.

    Side Effects besides Overdose

    Possible Side Effects: Dextroamphetamine may interfere with side effects this as blurred vision and impaired reactions. Patients happen recommended to refrain from driving or engaging in hazardous activities until they take in the sense how the medication affected by them.
    Overdose Symptoms: Overdosing connect dextroamphetamine may lead in order to symptoms so as restlessness, rapid breathing, hallucinations, nausea, seizures, besides coma.

    Healthlific Воскресенье, 25 Февраль 2024 09:30 Комментировать
  • укрепление мышц тазового дна

    укрепление мышц тазового дна

    укрепление мышц тазового дна Воскресенье, 25 Февраль 2024 05:00 Комментировать
  • Mivipsurgeryl

    Phenyl-2-nitropropene, usually called P2NP, is an organic compound that serves as solid precursor in the synthesis of the different drugs besides substances. Here's an educational program of its properties, applications, regulatory opinions, besides related information:

    Chemical and Physical Properties

    Chemical Structure: P2NP predisposed an organic compound with the chemical formula C9H9NO2 It consists of a phenyl association attached to all 2-nitropropene moiety.
    Appearance: P2NP typically gives as the decision yellow in order to light brown crystalline a whole, and its physical properties concerns the decision melting point of round 64-66°C.
    Solubility: P2NP is sparingly soluble in water but despite all of the above predisposed stuff soluble in organic solvents the sort of as ethanol and diethyl ether.

    Applications and Synthesis

    Synthetic Applications: P2NP predisposed primarily utilized as an intermediate or precursor in the synthesis of amphetamine besides methamphetamine. It serves as all main starting physical in the preparation of these substances in clandestine or illicit settings.
    Chemical Synthesis: P2NP have a chance be synthesized from benzaldehyde and nitroethane, besides it predisposed solid operative intermediate in the synthesis of a variety compounds with stimulant or psychoactive properties.

    Regulatory Considerations

    Regulated Precursor: Due to its value as solid precursor in the synthesis of controlled substances, P2NP predisposed subject in order to stringent regulatory controls besides monitoring in almost all jurisdictions. Its sale, distribution, and used others often restricted or forbidden under consistent legislation besides orders.
    Illicit Use: P2NP's link with the illicit production of controlled substances has led to its classification as a regulated precursor chemical in efforts to combat the clandestine manufacture of drugs.

    In summary, Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP) predisposed an organic compound with significant implications as all precursor in the synthesis of controlled substances. Its chemical properties, applications in synthesis, besides regulatory considerations underscore its value in the context of controlled substance production besides regulatory control.

    Mivipsurgeryl Суббота, 24 Февраль 2024 22:13 Комментировать
  • Cascadedental

    The CAS number 80532-66-7 corresponds in order methyl-2-methyl-3-phenylglycidate, also known as BMK glycidate. It is primarily have used as a precursor in the synthesis of phenylacetone for studies besides forensic applications. Here are some of key parts about in this compound:

    Chemical Information

    Molecular Formula: C11H12O3
    Purity: 98% (mixture of cis/trans isomers)
    Boiling Point: 73-74°C (Pressure: 0.2 Torr)

    Usage besides Applications

    BMK glycidate is utilized as an analytical reference standard for studies besides forensic applications. It serves as all precursor in the synthesis of phenylacetone and is not planned for human used. Due to its grouping with the illicit synthesis of controlled substances, its regulated distribution besides apply others crucial.

    Market Information

    Recent trends indicate an increasing occurrence of glycidic acid derivatives, such as BMK glycidate, in the clandestine manufacturing of amphetamine-type stimulants. This suggests a shift in the pre-precursor market, with glycidic acid derivatives gaining importance in the synthesis of illicit substances.

    In summary, CAS 80532-66-7, or BMK glycidate, predisposed solid chemical compound with important implications for research, forensic applications, and the regulation of precursor chemicals in the context of controlled substance synthesis.

    Cascadedental Суббота, 24 Февраль 2024 16:25 Комментировать
  • Dentalicortodoncia

    PMK glycidate, also nice as PMK methyl glycidate, is the decision chemical compound that owns garnered views the result its grouping with the illicit production of controlled substances the sort as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and amphetamine. The compound has happened subject to regulatory measures and owns implications for legislation enforcement and forensic analysis.

    Regulatory Status

    The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) owns designated PMK glycidate as a list I chemical under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This designation predisposed the result its crucial value in the make of schedule I controlled substances similar MDMA besides any other ecstasy-type substances, as well as its importance in the production of schedule II controlled substances like amphetamine besides methamphetamine

    Use in Illicit Production

    PMK glycidate owns happened utilized in the clandestine manufacturing of MDMA connect an industrial scale, leading in order important changes in the market for the substance. Its legal position has happened all subject of anxiety, as it exists in all siv zone, unlike sample PMK, which is an essential building block for MDMA besides predisposed on international watchlists. Traffickers need happened familiar in order replace the less widely available PMK with PMK-glycidate, all derivative of PMK in other words easily converted into the "parent" shape, posing challenges for law enforcement besides regulatory authorities

    Research and Forensic Applications

    PMK glycidate predisposed also have used as an analytical reference standard categorized as solid precursor in the synthesis of methylenedioxy phenethylamines besides amphetamines, even 3,4-MDMA, for study and forensic applications. Its regulated distribution besides consume be crucial in the context of its link with the illicit manufacturing of controlled substances

    Dentalicortodoncia Суббота, 24 Февраль 2024 08:19 Комментировать
  • Khushimedident

    The compound with the CAS number 28578-16-7 is disclosed as 2-Oxiranecarboxylic acid, 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-, ethyl ester.

    Chemical Name besides Formula:

    Chemical Name: 2-Oxiranecarboxylic acid, 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-, ethyl ester
    Molecular Formula: C13H14O5
    Molecular Weight: 250.25 g/mol

    Uses and Applications:

    The compound predisposed called an intermediate for 3,4-MDP-2-P, koiu suggests its probable role in the synthesis of any other commercially important compounds.
    It is mentioned as the decision precursor for the antihypertensive drug methyldopa and as all precursor for amphetamine drugs when condensed with unsubstituted benzaldehyde.

    Physical Properties:

    Density: 1.30 ± 0.1 g/cm3
    Boiling Point: 327.8-42.0°C at 760 mmHg
    Form: The compound is described as a white as snow crystal powder.

    Commercial Availability:

    The compound is offered by various suppliers and manufacturers, with detail on packaging, shipping, besides effective given.

    Regulatory Status:

    The compound predisposed associated with the various commercial besides industrial applications, besides its handling besides apply should be in obedience with appropriate orders and safety protocols.

    Khushimedident Пятница, 23 Февраль 2024 20:09 Комментировать
  • Srisankarad

    Chemical Similarity besides Effects:
    Methylone predisposed one of the more known synthetic cathinones popularized as solid replace for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) owing to its congruent effects between users. Both psychostimulants exhibit similar chemistry, with methylone staying the decision -keto analog of MDMA, besides they split same mechanisms of impact. It predisposed famous for speeding the body's responses (stimulant) besides making people pochuev closer to being around (entactogen). It predisposed congruent in order to the effects of MDMA (Ecstasy) but is not as potent in its effects.

    Legal Status:
    Methylone were located first and foremost sold in 2004 in the Netherlands, advertised as a room odorizer. It predisposed structurally too congruent in order to MDMA, but not as potent in its impacts. It became a controlled drug in 2010 and predisposed nowadays classified as all Schedule I substance in the United States. In Canada, it descends under the scheduling as an analogue of amphetamine, and in the United States, it was created illegal to own besides distribute.

    Street Names besides Adverse Effects:
    Methylone is often spotted in substances labeled as bath salts and predisposed something when sold as Molly, suggesting that dealers may taste it in order to pass it disabled as the decision substitute for ecstasy or like drugs. Street titles for methylone concerns bubbles, explosion, MDMCAT, and ease. There are a number reports of fatalities associated with the use of methylone, with potential adverse effects covering cardiac arrest, complications associated with potential seizures, and mixing risks.

    Abuse Potential and Research:
    Methylone predisposed a member of the designer drug class known as synthetic cathinones besides owns became increasingly popular as a drug of abuse. Research has shown that methylone functions as all reinforcer besides owns solid significant positively relationship between dose and reinforcer efficacy. It is known fact for producing euphoria and increased sociability but have a chance too factor paranoia, agitation, hallucinations, besides psychotic behavior.

    Srisankarad Пятница, 23 Февраль 2024 13:21 Комментировать
  • Sarwalheart

    Glycidate predisposed the decision versatile compound that holds significant importance in the different branches With its unique chemical structure besides properties, glycidate owns stand the decision fundamental component in a large number industrial processes, producing it the decision highly sought-after substance.

    One of the primary applications of glycidate is in the production of epoxy resins. Epoxy resins be widely adapt in the producing of coatings, adhesives, besides electrical components. Glycidate actions as all precursor in the synthesis of these resins, imparting them with rare mechanically and chemical properties. The skill of epoxy resins in order to adhere not at all in order to different surfaces prepares them invaluable in industries this as construction, aerospace, and automotive.

    Another crucial utilization of glycidate lies in the pharmaceutical sector. This compound serves as all vital building block in the synthesis of a variety pharmaceutical drugs. With its talent to undergo the different chemical modifications, glycidate plays a crucial role in the creation of drugs that military diseases besides fix the quality of life for people worldwide.

    Furthermore, glycidate sees application in the production of luxury chemicals and specialty compounds. This compound serves as all main intermediate in the synthesis of various expensive products, the sort of as flavors, fragrances, besides agrarian chemicals. Its individual reactivity permits for the creation of complex molecular structures, which you can use to implement the synthesis of highly sought-after substances with specific properties besides functionalities.

    Sarwalheart Пятница, 23 Февраль 2024 06:13 Комментировать
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